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  • 11/28/01: OK, the official word from TVT is that the release date for the long, long, long awaited Baldwin Brothers debut recording "Cooking With Lasers" is March 19, 2002. That's three short months away! Record release party and tour schedule are to be announced soon... Thanks for hanging in there with us.
  • 10/29/01: Yes, that is the Baldwin Brothers that you are hearing on MTV! Although we don't actually have cable, several reliable reports are coming in that MTV is playing clips of "Funky Junkyard" and "Ether" on their show Dismissed. We've also heard that a clip was used on Road Rules as well, but it cannot be independently verified.
  • 10/10/01: Wow, what a busy month we are having! Thanks to all our peeps for coming to see us in Chicago! The latest on the CD release tip from TVT is that we're gonna be out in Feb of 2002. Some possible 12" will be released at the end of this year as well. Stay tuned...
  • 9/5/01: Well, it was a fun trip to Tampa for the Movement Festival. We must have angered the rain gods, though. Half way through our set the outdoor stage had to be closed due to severe rain and lightning. We did get to hang with the Jungle Brothers and Cypress Hill. Bo Bo (Cypress Hill's percussionist) broke his sticks during their set and borrowed a set from Jason - so they owe us big time! Heading back to he airport, we shared a limo ride with the internationally known and fellow Chicagoan Roy Davis Jr.
  • 08/27/01: Thanks to everyone who came out in the rain to see us at the Goose Island festival last weekend! Mother nature was not on our side that day, but it was fun anyway!
  • 07/14/01: We just got our release date for our upcoming debut CD! The moment we've been waiting for for three years is almost here! September 1, 2001 is the due date. Also, TVT has just posted the Baldwin Brothers mini-site on their web page. Check it out at
  • 05/10/01: We're excited to announce that Miho Hatori of Cibo Matto, Geri Soriano-Lightwood of Supreme Beings of Leisure and Angie Hart of Frente! will be contributing vocals to upcoming Baldwin Brothers recordings. Stay tuned for more info...
  • 04/28/01: Wondering when the Baldwin Brothers debut will finally be released? So are we! Actually, we are still tying up some last minute stuff with guest vocals, sample clearance and other boring stuff. A date is tentatively set for July.
  • 04/24/01: We just returned from our mini west-coast tour with Poi Dog Pondering. Playing to a sold-out crowd at the Filmore in San Francisco was a childhood dream realized! Thanks to Poi Dog for having us along, and to all the people we met in California. See ya soon!
  • 03/11/01: Our first 12" has been pressed with two songs from the upcoming full-length, "Dream Girl" and "The Bionic Jam." The records are special mixes for DJs, containing beats & sample elements at the end for mix-alicous scratching! The record will be given away at the Winter Music Conference in Miami, but we hope to have some copies to bring back home with us...
  • 03/05/01: The Baldwins are going to Miami, baby! We're extremely excited to play at the world-famous winter music conference in Miami this year. 160 parties in 6 days, this is the premiere annual event for electronic music. Road Trip!!!
  • 01/21/01: The Baldwin Brothers signed with TVT Records in New York. We're really excited to be labelmates with some inspirational groups like Gil Scott Heron, DJ Hurricane, Nine Inch Nails, The Underworld, KMFDM... (the list goes on)

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